The 2146 Heritage Series

Issued on 18 June 2146. Features Major Australian Animals and Animal-Inspired Technologies.

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Old Heritage, New Currency

Our new series of currency stands at the crosspoint of the past and the future. With a combination of the old world animals and the new world technologies, the heritage series is a motto to our oceanic lives - to always remember the long-gone and look forward to the future. The currency is made of biodegradable materials mostly, to show our love for the natural environment. We have also employed some world-leading technology features with clean, futuristic designs, an overhaul that will not only make our currency look smart, but also work smart. Take a sneak peek at our new releases and the concepts behind them.

Our Story


In the year 2146, many life forms have been swiped out in Australia due to severe climate change and the rise of sea level. For the continuation of mankind, and to find another “Garden of Eden'' besides the ruined coastal land, people in Australia decide to live under the sea, building domes across the ocean floor. Zoologists have been working with engineers to develop animal-inspired transportations like maglev trains and submarines, and high-speed transport systems like mag-lev lines spread across the ocean floor which link these various habitats together. When the last group of people finally settled down in the oceanic cities, the Bank of Meldelaide decided to release a new series of currencies, called “The Heritage”, in order to memorize the loss of species, to celebrate the animal-inspired inventions, and to showcase how they were applied in their daily oceanic lives.

Inspirations and Ideas

Researches of Australian local animals and animal-inspired inventions were soon started after the project's main theme, “heritage”, was decided. Because “ocean” is the subtheme besides “heritage”, aquatic animals were chosen as representations on the currency, including those that live by the water (i.e. kingfishers), under the water (i.e. dolphins), or both (i.e. platypus). The Chinese zodiac, or called “Shengxiao”, was another inspiration for the currency designs as it would be creative to assign every resident with a unique animal, which can be used for identity verification as well. This idea was later incorporated in the bankcard and ID/C-MIST card design.


Coin Designs

Size: 55x55mm

Materials: Basalt extracted from the submarine volcano. The images, texts, and other decorations are made from metals.

Our new coins contain two extinct aquatic animals, the platypus and the dolphin, which were last found in the content of Oceania in 2130. We choose black and cyan as the main colors to achieve a modern look for the whole design. Though the main material is basalt, our advanced technologies keep the coin light and small, but still durable and unbreakable. Because it is not always clear under the water, especially at night, the animals, texts, circuit boards and other decorative patterns are made from cyan-colored metals, which help you find it easier if you accidentally drop it on the ground.

Banknote Designs

Size: 150x65mm

Materials:Biodegradable plastic and water-proof materials, with circuit boards embedded for anti-counterfeiting. A removable chip adheres at its right side for direct deposit into the bankcard.

Kangaroo and emu are two animals shown in the coat of arms of Australia before. Because neither animal can move backward, it symbolizes that Australia is a nation that is always moving forward. We carried this idea into our designs as well - the speed lines on the banknotes give it a feeling of movement and represent the motto of the advancing Australia. Two animals, kingfisher and shark, were selected on the backside of the notes, and the transportations inspired by them were shown on the other. The banknote comes with an anti-counterfeiting circuit board and the triangle chip on the right is removable. There is a deposit slot embedded on the bankcard and when the chip adheres to the banknote, you can deposit it directly into your card - no need for the ATM anymore.

Bankcard Designs

Size: 185x115mm

Materials:Biodegradable plastic. The animal image on the front is made from a high-tech material - it will reveal the whole missing animal when you reach 5000 creds in the bank account. A deposit slot, a touchscreen, and a fingerprint reader are also embedded in the card.

Various Australian local animals, including the quokka, koala, red deer, emu and kangaroo are chosen on the front of the card. We also incorporate the idea of the Chinese zodiac, “Shengxiao”, with our designs, as to memorize many extinct animals and make them “come to life” in a way. Each missing animal is unique, which is the same as the one shown in your ID card. When you make the deposit each time, the animal will slowly reveal and turn into its full image when you reach 5000 creds in your account. You can refill your C-MIST card and check your account balance using the touchscreen on the back. To unlock the screen, simply use the fingerprint reader underneath.

ID/C-MIST Card Designs

Size: 60x130mm

Materials: light-weight crystal-like plastic material. You can either keep it in your bag or wear it.

We are always searching for the most convenient way to refill your C-MIST card, and thus, we connect the ID/C-MIST card with your bankcard together. When you place your C-MIST card on the touchscreen on your bankcard, it will be refilled, so you don’t have to go to the vending machine and do it every time. The animal on the ID card is the same as the one missing on your bankcard. There is a fingerprint reader under the animal, with your biometric fingerprint recorded, you are the only one who can unlock your personal information, simply by touching the nose of that animal. On the back is the C-MIST card, which displays the train schedule, the date, time, and weather. A small train will move along the edge of the city landscape slowly as the maglev train proceeds.

Motion Poster Design

Imagine sleeping with the sound of the waves, or reading a book near the window with a group of fish swimming by - it is all real now. We start from the city in the fish tank and slowly zoom out until you see the whole image, with maglev trains and ray fish going across, our underwater city is your next home. Come and explore - your oceanic life starts from here.

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